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Horseshoe Bath Accessory Set in Natural Iron w/token

Horseshoe Bath Accessory Set in Natural Iron w/token




Natural cast iron five piece set of horseshoe bathroom accessories. Comes with one 24" towel rack that adjust down to 12" wide if necessary. Outside measurements on the 24" is 28 1/4". One double towel hook 14 1/2" wide. Next we include a horseshoe towel ring. Ring measures 4 1/2" for hand towels. Then we have a single horseshoe hook, and finally a toilet paper holder. This is a great set of cast iron horseshoe bathroom accessories that will look beautiful in your home. All by Carvers Olde Iron. Comes complete with fasteners!

  • Complete Iron Horseshoe 5 pc Bath Set
  • Clear over natural iron finish
  • All horseshoes have countersunk screw holes so its easy hanging
  • easy to westernize your bath
  • Unique and hard to find!